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DFG rules on the format and length of publication lists Applicants should structure both types of publication lists as follows: a) Articles which at the time of proposal submission have been published or officially ac-cepted by publication outlets with scientific quality assurance, listed in standard format; book publications Guidelines for Publication Lists [02/20] PDF: 2.00: de: Verwendungsrichtlinien - Allgemeine Bedingungen für Förderverträge mit der Deutschen Forschungsgemeinschaft e.V. (DFG) 2.01: de: Verwendungsrichtlinien für Sachbeihilfen mit Leitfaden für Abschlussberichte und Regeln guter wissenschaftlicher Praxis : 2.011: de: Verwendungsrichtlinien Sachbeihilfen - Publikationsbeihilfen [03/05] PDF. The DFG may reject any proposals not in compliance with the rules on publication lists. If you are submitting a proposal to the DFG for the first time and have therefore not published in the proposed project area, please list only the up to most impoten rtant publications that are part of your curriculum vitae (see C. Appendices)

In diesem Online-Portal finden Sie die dritte Ebene des Kodex Leitlinien zur Sicherung guter wissenschaftlicher Praxis der DFG. Zum Porta Konkretisierung der DFG-Richtlinien zum Umgang mit Forschungsdaten . Empfehlungen der Deutschen Gesellschaft für Musikpsychologie e.V. (September 2018) Der Senat der DFG hat am 30.9.2015 Leitlinien zum Umgang mit Forschungsdaten verab-schiedet, die den Appell an die wissenschaftlichen Fachgemeinschaften beinhalten, ihre Enclose publications and manuscripts to document preliminary work. Essentials: Criteria for successful DFG proposals/ Dr. Andreas Strecker. Münster, May 19, 2011. Some guidelines to follow . What is required for a . good. proposal? (2) Core virtues: Hypothesis: Exactly. what do you want to prove, falsify, find out? Work plan / strategy: Is the work program as core of the application original. Forms and Guidelines elan - Electronic Proposals FAQ - Frequently Asked Questions Contact Information Systems. GEPRIS GEPRIS Historisch GERiT RIsources Research Integrity Service. Press Logos & style guide Publications Jobs@dfg RSS Feed

Through the Open Access Publishing Programme, the DFG helps universities to set up publication funds, which can be used to pay the fees required to publish articles in open-access journals. The aim is to promote sustainable and reliable structures for the funding of open-access publications. The programme is currently undergoing evaluation. A commission of the AWBI was appointed for this purpose If you or someone living in your property is disabled you may qualify for a disabled facilities grant towards the cost of providing adaptation

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  1. The Open Access Publication Funding programme is designed to grant a fixed allowance for the publication of research results via open access. Only research institutions, not individuals, may apply for this allowance. This programme highlights that open access plays a pivotal role in improving scientific communication and that its costs should be seen in relation to this aim.. The aim of this.
  2. All publications related to ARRIVE, including the guidelines themselves and the explanation and examples for each recommendation published in July 2020. Explore. About the ARRIVE guidelines. The ARRIVE guidelines ensure that research involving animals is reported in enough detail to add to the scientific knowledge base. Resources . A wide range of resources are available to help with the use.
  3. Information for Authors. The California Fish and Wildlife Journal (CFWJ) is a peer-reviewed, scientific journal focused on the biology, ecology, and conservation of the flora and fauna of California and surrounding areas, and the northeastern Pacific Ocean.. The CFWJ now has an online submission system!. New! All manuscripts should now be submitted using the online submission system

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Guidelines on FAIR Data Management in Horizon 2020 , Version 3.0 (26. Juli 2016). ↑ CESSDA (Council of European Social Science Data Archives), 2017: Statutes for CESSDA. ↑ Siehe AMG, GCP-V und ChemG, §19 a-d. ↑ Siehe Research Data Policy Types (Nature, 2009) und Guide to Publication Policies of the Nature Journals (2009) PDF | On Nov 9, 2016, Felix Schönbrodt and others published Data Management in Psychological Science: Specification of the DFG Guidelines | Find, read and cite all the research you need on. IEP Publication Guidelines Page 1 of 7 Interagency Ecology Program Publication Policy Revised 12-23-2020 Publication Policy Statement In order to promote transparency and consistency in how IEP approaches and regards members' technical and scientific publications we herein articulate our Publication Policy. The Interagency Ecology Program (IEP) Publication Policy document applies to IEP. DFG needs to evolve if it is to remain relevant for the next decade and beyond. The challenge is to join up the process and shift the thinking from 'welfare' to 'investment' so that decisions are taken, not at crisis point, but in a more preventative way that is based on the long-term health and wellbeing of disabled people and their families. Joining it up - strategically Up and down. CDFW Publications • 1416 9th Street, Room 1280, Sacramento, CA 95814 • Publications@wildlife.ca.gov or leave a message at (916) 322-8911, including your contact information. Alternate Format

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  1. This 'Good Practice Guide' aims to provide authorities and those charged with service planning and provision with clear and comprehensive information about the legal position concerning home adaptations and specifically Disabled Facilities Grant (DFG) alongside examples. 1 and ideas for service delivery
  2. at the time of writing the guide, due to the delays in publication noted below, and at a time of major policy and practice change at a local level it should be noted that these may become out of date over a relatively short timeframe. Every effort has been made to ensure the information in this report is correct. The members of the Home Adaptations Consortium and Care & Repair England do not.
  3. Please note that the DFG may reject any proposals not in compliance with the rules on publication lists. If you are submitting a proposal to the DFG for the first time (cf. 5.2) and have therefore not published in the proposed project area, please list only the up to five most im-portant publications that are part of your curriculum vitae (see C. Appendices)
  4. Publications. Overview Publications Vorlesen. Suche ein- und ausblenden Menü ein- und ausblenden. Search term Suchen Suche ausführen. Federal Ministry of Education and Research. Messages. Um dieses Video anzuzeigen aktivieren Sie bitte Javascript, und ziehen Sie in Betracht Ihren Internet Browser zu aktualisieren. A New Impetus for Vocational Education and Training . Informal Meeting of.
  5. Die Deutsche Forschungsgemeinschaft (DFG) richtet sieben neue Forschungsgruppen ein. Dies beschloss der Hauptausschuss der DFG auf Empfehlung des Senats. Die Gremiensitzungen der DFG fanden aufgrund der Coronavirus-Pandemie in virtueller Form statt. Die neuen Forschungsgruppen erhalten insgesamt rund 25 Millionen Euro inklusive einer 22-prozentigen Programmpauschale für indirekte Kosten aus.

Affiliation guidelines (German and English) Academic publications are highly important in this context as they are quantifiable and can be used to a certain extent to measure and compare research performance. Publications in renowned journals and series increase the visibility of the researchers involved, as well as FAU as a whole. However, publications and their authors must be clearly. Ihre Erkenntnisse könnten vor allem für die Behandlung und Impfung der Bevölkerung gegen COVID-19 Bedeutung erlangen. Die Deutsche Forschungsgemeinschaft (DFG) fördert das Vorhaben durch ein COVID-19-Sofortprogramm für ein Jahr mit 38.000 Euro. Im Fokus stehen zytotoxische T-Zellen, auch Killerzellen genannt. Diese Abwehrzellen verhalten. Following the Guidelines (DFG-Merkblatt 50.01/Leitfaden 54.01 - Guideline 50.01e/Instruction 54.01): Summary: max. 1600 characters (only in the form) 1. State of the art and own preliminary work/progress report (for continuation proposals): discuss the current literature extensively - show you are familiar with the field and have critically reflected on what you are proposing short but. Proposals must be written in English and follow the guidelines in DFG form 54.01en (Proposal Preparation Instructions). DFG-specific rules regarding publication lists must be observed (form 1.91en). Further information (e.g., on eligibility requirements) can be found in DFG form 50.05en, part B Die Deutsche Forschungsgemeinschaft (DFG) hat jetzt die ersten Förderentscheidungen in ihrer neuartigen Fokus-Förderung COVID-19 getroffen. Mit ihnen werden ab sofort 33 Forschungsvorhaben zur Immunität, Wirtssuszeptibilität und Pathomechanismen der Infektion mit SARS-CoV-2 ermöglicht. Ihre Förderung erfolgt für maximal ein Jahr mit insgesamt 3,6 Millionen Euro, in denen auch die.

Publication date: 19 November 2020. Opening date: 19 November 2020 Closing date: 24 February 2021 23:00 UK time. Last updated: 26 November 2020 . Start application. The German Research Foundation (DFG) and the Arts and Humanities Research Council (AHRC) have launched a call for collaborative research proposals, bringing together arts and humanities researchers in the UK and Germany to conduct. Guidelines, notably DFG's general Supplementary Guidelines and Instructions (DFG form 1.19). 1 General Information . The length of proposals should not exceed 30 pages. CVs, lists of publications and offers on scientific instrumentation shall be attached as appendices. Proposals must be submitted in two copies. All information on the principal investigators with their home institutions.

13 Guidelines for research proposals 63 14 Rules for the use of funds 64 15 Reviewers 65 16 Ombudsman for science 66 2 Problems in the scientific System 68 2.1 Norms of science 70 2.2 Science as a profession - today 70 2.3 Competition 72 2.4 Publications 73 2.5 Quantitative Performance evaluation 74 2.6 Organization 75 2.7 Legal norms and norms. considered for publication in any other journal. Title.— Bold, and size 14 font (see title above). In the title, capitalize only the initial word and proper names—avoid use of scientific names in the title (unless the species lacks a common name). Author information Do not include any author or affiliation information in your manuscript file. The California Fish and Wildlife Journal uses a. The submission to DFG must select its primary subject area from DFG's manufacturing subject areas (i.e., 401-01 to 401-06). Proposers to be funded by the DFG are requested to fulfil the eligibility requirements of DFG Research Grants, as noted in the guidelines of the Research Grants Program (DFG form 50.01). This includes the duty to cooperate (Kooperationspflicht) within Germany for members of non-university institutions with permanent positions Laut DFG-Empfehlungen sollen ohnehin nur solche Wissenschaftler als Autoren aufgeführt werden, die einen wesentlichen intellektuellen Beitrag geleistet haben. Dafür sollten die Passagen der.

DFG Asset Partnerships. We believe buying and selling investment properties should be as fluid as investing in stocks. Connecting People to Properties. Making property ownership simple through partnerships and joint ventures. JOINT VENTURES & PARTNERSHIPS. JOINT VENTURES & PARTNERSHIPS. Our joint ventures are mainly with third party FCA Approved specialists along with financial and educational. This document sets out the agreed way in which the BCF will be implemented in financial year 2019 to 2020. It includes: the level of funding for 2019 to 202 Payment Guidelines. As a state publication, Outdoor California has a limited budget and can only pay for a few items each year. The magazine purchases the finished product, and cannot reimburse for expenses or pay for time spent researching and interviewing. Current state employee cannot be paid for photos or articles. Requests for payment of articles and photographs must be made before publication through the submission of a vendor data record. Note, as an informational publication for the.

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Des Weiteren finden Sie hier die DFG-Leitlinien zur Sicherung guter wissenschaftlicher Praxis (PDF) und die Denkschrift der DFG Sicherung guter wissenschaftlicher Praxis (PDF). Internationales . Wissenschaftliche Kooperationen finden zunehmend auf internationaler Ebene statt. Dafür ist es wichtig, auch die Regelungen und Empfehlungen anderer Länder bzw. internationaler. DFG-Vordruck 51.10 - 6/12 Seite 1 von 5 Deutsche Forschungsgemeinschaft Kennedyallee 40 ∙ 53175 Bonn ∙ Postanschrift: 53170 Bonn Telefon: + 49 228 885-1 ∙ Telefax: + 49 228 885-2777 ∙ postmaster@dfg.de ∙ www.dfg.de DFG Merkblatt Publikationsbeihilfe I Ziel Publikationsbeihilfen unterstützen die Veröffentlichung wissenschaftlicher Werke in gedruckter und digitaler Form durch. DFG gradierte Schichtgefügestrukturen Herstellung und Applikation von gradierten Schichtgefügestrukturen unter Einsatz von PVD- und Thermischen Spritzverfahren In diesem Verfahren spielt die Reibung zwischen dem rotierenden Werkstück und dem Werkzeug eine wichtige Rolle The DFG funds research in every scientific field. It supports individual projects, research cooperations, offers awards for outstanding research achievements and funds scientific infrastructure and actions for scientific contacts. The support is provided through financing of its own centres, agencies, personnel costs, equipment costs, travel costs, publication costs, and language courses.

DFG-Rundgespräch im Rahmen des Forschungsvorhabens Rotation der Erde zum Thema Wechselwirkungen im System Erde. Höllenstein/Wettzell, 08./09. März 2001 Höllenstein/Wettzell, 08./09. März 200 About Us. Welcome to the Chair for Compiler Construction at the Computer Science Department of the TU Dresden. This is a professorship created in mid 2014 in the context of the cluster of excellence cfaed - Center for Advancing Electronics Dresden, headed by Prof. Jeronimo Castrillon. The chair's mission is to improve the efficiency -in terms of performance, energy consumption and. Sound design for auditory guidance in aircraft cockpits: (Soesterberg 2008) Kooperativer Flughafenbetrieb: Abschlussbericht zum DFG-Forschungsvorhaben Kooperative Planung und Disposition mit dem Ziel einer optimalen Nutzung vorhandener Flughafenkapazitäte The award includes a donation of 2500 euros and an invitation to submit the thesis to the FoLLI Publications on Logic, Language and Information issued by Springer.As a member of the DFG-funded research training group Role-based Software Infrastructures (RoSI), Ismail Ilkan Ceylan worked on his dissertation at the chair of automata theory and was supervised by Franz Baader. Ismail. Publications Information & Education. Information & Education; Reports; Plans; Policies; News Releases; Topical, general-interest publications presented in a non-technical format. About ADF&G ; Fisheries; Subsistence; Wildlife; Habitat . About ADF&G. Brochures & Newsletters. Alaska Fish and Wildlife News; Books & Booklets. Bear Soup & Salmon Mousse: A Cookbook (PDF 7,370 kB) Hunt Alaska (PDF.

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PUMA publications for /tag/dfg-projekt%20Mensch-Maschine-Schnittstelle. Sound design for auditory guidance in aircraft cockpits. Unterstützung von Flugführungsaufgaben durch gerichtete auditive Anzeigen: (Neubiberg 2003) Sound design for auditory guidance in aircraft cockpits: (Soesterberg 2008) Unterstützung von Flugführungsaufgaben durch gerichtete auditive Anzeigen: (Neubiberg 2003). MassWildlife offers a variety of print publications for those interested in learning more about wildlife, insects, plants, as well as rare or threatened species and habitats. NOTE: Some items are available at a discount if purchased in bulk or if you are an educator. Some items are free if picked up at a MassWildlife office , but have a postage fee if mailed GESIS Leibniz Institut für Sozialwissenschaften. Auf unterhaltsame und leicht verständliche Art werden künftig wissenschaftliche Fakten aus dem Feld der empirischen Sozialforschung in den aktuellen gesellschaftlichen Zusammenhang gestellt With its campaign DFG 2020 - Because Research Matters, the DFG would like to communicate its conviction that research must be free and knowledge-based to the public. The campaign marks the foundation of the DFG's predecessor, the Notgemeinschaft der Deutschen Wissenschaft, 100 years ago.. From institutions to individuals, anyone can get involved and take part in the DFG campaign About Us. Welcome to the Chair for Emerging Electronic Technologies! This is a new professorship created in 2019 within the Institute of Applied Physics and the Research Cluster cfaed - Center for Advancing Electronics Dresden

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  1. Wussten Sie, dass Typ-1-Diabetes die häufigste Stoffwechselerkrankung im Kindes- und Jugendalter ist? Wir bieten in Belgien, Deutschland, Großbritannien, Polen und Schweden Studien zur Früherkennung eines erhöhten genetischen Risikos für Typ-1-Diabetes und zur Prävention der Erkrankung an
  2. The Deutsche Forschungsgemeinschaft (DFG, German Research Foundation) is establishing seven new Research Units. The DFG Joint Committee decided this on the recommendation of the Senate. The meetings of the DFG's statutory bodies were conducted online due to the coronavirus pandemic. These new Research Units will receive a total of approximately €25 million, including a 22 percent programme.
  3. Research Training Groups are established by the German Research Foundation (Deutsche Forschungsgemeinschaft, DFG) at the universities to promote early career researchers. They are funded by the DFG for a period of up to nine years. Their key emphasis is on the qualification of doctoral researchers within the framework of a focused research program and a structured training strategy. An.
  4. DFG Collaborative Research Centres The funding program Sonderforschungsbereiche of the German Research Foundation (Deutsche Forschungsgemeinschaft, DFG) is dedicated to collaborative research centers that are either localized at one university (SFB) or involve more than one university at different locations and are thus called trans-regional (SFB/TRR)
  5. The Center for Advanced Study RomanIslam - Center for Comparative Empire and Transcultural Studies, funded by the German Research Foundation (DFG), brings together scholars from a wide range of disciplines working on Romanization and Islamication in Late Antiquity with a focus, though not exclusive, on the Iberian Peninsula and North Africa during the first millennium CE

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Results of the project should be handed in as a final report (see guidelines) six months after ending of the funding period to the Department of Research and Young Academics. In case of a submitted or published manuscript (in a high-ranking journal) or a conference contribution, please hand in these documents as well. The content-related information may then be less detailed. Furthermore. <p>Abstract. Having control over the landscape played an important role in the geography and economy of Egypt from the predynastic period onwards. Die Deutsche Forschungsgemeinschaft (DFG) hat ihre Empfehlungen zur Sicherung guter wissenschaftlicher Praxis überarbeitet. Am 2. und 3. Juli 2019 wurde der neue Kodex Leitlinien zur Sicherung guter wissenschaftlicher Praxis im Rahmen der Jahresversammlung der DFG in Rostock beschlossen. Er tritt am 01.08.2019 in Kraft und ersetzt die bisherige Denkschrift zur Sicherung guter wissenschaftlicher Praxis von 2013

The team also produced two publications under the DFG grant: a Guide to Election Forensics and a more detailed Elections Forensics Toolkit DRG Center Working Paper. The Guide provides a more general introduction to election forensics as a field, and the DRG Center Working Paper focuses on presenting in detail the results of applying election forensics to specific elections in Afghanistan. The DFG funds research in every scientific field. It supports individual projects, research cooperations, offers awards for outstanding research achievements and funds scientific infrastructure and actions for scientific contacts. The support is provided through financing of its own centres, agencies, personnel costs, equipment costs, travel costs, publication costs, and language courses. The submission to DFG must select its primary subject area from DFG's manufacturing subject areas (i.e., 401-01 to 401-06). Proposers to be funded by the DFG are requested to fulfil the eligibility requirements of DFG Research Grants, as noted in the guidelines of the Research Grants Program (DFG form 50.01). This includes the duty to cooperate. Professor Dr. Avihu Klar, Ph.D., Department of Medical Neurobiology, P.O. Box 12271, Jerusalem 91120, Israe Online university publications have been collected, catalogued and archived at the German National Library since 1998. The illustration shows how the percentage of online publications has developed over the years since this work began. Here it must be considered that although dissertations are subject to a mandatory publication obligation and an obligation to be placed on deposit with the.

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The DFG funds research projects conducted by scientists in Germany in cooperation with scientists in developing countries. The objective is to promote cooperation between researchers in Germany and in developing countries. In a research project on a specifically defined topic within a limited time period. Eligibility Requirement Research Unit by the German Research Foundation (Deutsche Forschungsgemeinschaft, DFG) represent close teams of researchers working together on a research project which, in terms of thematic focus, duration and finances, extends beyond the funding options available under Individual Grants Programs of the DFG. Research Units provide the staff and material resources required for carrying out.

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DFG - DataWiz Zuordnung Stand: 11 .12.2017 5 . Die DFG fordert in ihren Leitlinien die wissenschaftlichen Fachgemeinschaften dazu auf disziplinspezifische Regularien zu erlassen . Für die Psychologie sind in diesem Kontext die . Empfehlungen zum Umgang mit Forschungsdaten im Fach Psychologie der DGPs (Schönbrodt, Gollwitzer und Abele -Brehm , 2016), sowie das disziplinspezifische Memorandum. DFG-Project Dare2Del Research (verbal, example-based) and the use of mutual explanations to guide model adaption and to inspire trust is investigated. For more information about the psychological aspects of Dare2Del refer to Chair of Work and Organizational Psychology's website. Dare2Del Video. Publications Presentations Media Publications Niessen, C.; Göbel K.; Lang,J. W. B.; Schmid, U. Added guidance poster. 20 March 2020. Removed 'COVID-19: travel guidance for the education sector' - this information is now available on a separate webpage. 19 March 2020. Added poster. 16 March 202 A Disabled Facilities Grant (DFG) provides funding for essential adaptations to give a disabled person better freedom of movement into and around their home. DFGs are available in England, Wales and Northern Ireland. Local authorities and NHS Boards in Scotland can provide discretionary funding for equipment and adaptations. This factsheet provides a brief guide to how DFGs work and how to.

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All proposals submitted within the DFG - FNR agreement must demonstrate the added value of the cooperation between German and Luxembourg-based scientists. Proposals under this agreement must be submitted in line with the guidelines for the FNRs CORE programme. Submissions to the FNR under the DFG - FNR agreement must adhere to the CORE priority research domains Specifically, we will prepare an interview guide, conduct expert interviews, transcribe and code the data, and analyse the interviews.In Module 3, we will conduct a quantitative survey with longitudinal character. To accomplish this, we will develop the survey, recruit participants, conduct the survey, collect secondary data, and create a matched data set. We also plan to conduct a second. Die Maximale Arbeitsplatz-Konzentration (MAK-Wert) gibt die maximal zulässige Konzentration eines Stoffes als Gas, Dampf oder Schwebstoff in der (Atem-)Luft am Arbeitsplatz an. Die jeweils dabei festgesetzten Werte sind ein Kompromiss in der Abwägung zwischen möglichen Gesundheitsschäden (wobei auch der Schichtbetrieb zu berücksichtigen ist) sowie den Risiken und den Kosten bei der. Nahezu alle Hochschulbibliotheken haben inzwischen ihre klassische Grund­aufgabe der Informations- und Literaturversorgung um Dienstleistungen rund um die Publikationstätigkeit der eigenen Hochschule erweitert. Hochschul­schriften­server sind seit langem Standard, andere Dienstleistungen wie Hochschulbibliographien, Universitätsverlage, Forschungs­daten­management und Bibliometrie sind. Any proposal submitted in response to this solicitation should be submitted in accordance with the revised NSF Proposal & Award Policies & Procedures Guide (PAPPG) , which is effective for proposals submitted, or due, on or after June 1, 2020

These publications need to be classified as a) refereed publications (published articles and monographs; accepted articles with note of acceptance by the journal) or b) other publications (e.g. preprints on arXiv). The initial on-site review will presumably take place at RWTH Aachen University in the end of January 2015. Further information. The DFG's electronic proposal processing system elan. The soil, vegetation and the lower atmosphere are key compartments of the Earth, where almost all activities of mankind take place. This region is characterized by extremely complex patterns, structures and processes that act at different time and space scales. While the exchange of energy, water and carbon is continuous between the different compartments, the pertinent fluxes are strongly. Guide de recueil Recueil MRC version pour mise en œuvre en 2020 Suite à la publication de l¶arrêté du 27 décembre 20191, la prise en charge par l'assurance maladie du forfait pathologie chronique pour la maladie rénale chronique de stade 4 ou 5 (FPC MRC) est subordonnée au recueil et à la transmission, semestrielle et cumulative pour une année donnée, des informations listées ci.

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DFG Priority Programmes The German Research Foundation (Deutsche Forschungsgemeinschaft, DFG) establishes Priority Program for coordinated multi-location funding for important new topics in order to foster network formation and advance interdisciplinarity Heidelberg University's Open Access Publishing Fund offers financial support for researchers who publish articles in Open Access journals The fund, available since 2014, is part of the DFG funding programme Open Access Publishing and may be used to cover publication costs. Open Access Publishing Fund. Discounts on open access publications DFG SUB FID GEO FID Montan . Gesamtbestand Bereiche & Sammlungen Erscheinungsdatum Autoren Schlagworte Serien Titel Diese Sammlung Erscheinungsdatum Autoren Schlagworte Serien Titel. Publikationsart. excursionguide (1) Impressum Datenschutz Über uns Nutzungsbedingungen Kontakt Feedback abschicken. DFG SUB FID GEO FID Montan. Our publications. The following publications will help you navigate through the German research environment and provide information on research performing organisations, funding and career opportunities, and interesting research areas. Whether you are interested in basic or applied research, an academic career or a position at a non-university research institution - we invite you to explore. Reproducible Research Workshop, 14 - 16 Feb 2017 in Hohenheim. Start: Tuesday, 12:00 am (computer setup starting at 11:00 am) End: Thursday, around 01:30 pm (after lunch) This hands-on workshop is going to cover the following topics by using a mix of lectures, live coding and exercises: . Principles of reproducible researc

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Andrew Thacker von der Nottingham Trent University und Prof. Dr. Alison E. Martin vom Fachbereich Translations-, Sprach- und Kulturwissenschaft (FTSK) der Johannes Gutenberg-Universität Mainz (JGU) erhalten für das Vorhaben mit dem Titel Übersetzungsräume: Europäische Zeitschriftenkulturen, c. 1945-1965eine Förderung in Höhe von rund 340.000 Euro von dem britischen Forschungsrat Arts. Deutsche Forschungsgemeinschaft (DFG) Chinesisch-Deutsches Zentrum für Wissenschaftsförderung Mathematik und Ingenieurwissenschaften 2n Programmdirekto

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The DFG approved 2.6 million Euros for the Research Unit FOR 2419 Plasticity versus Stability: Molecular Mechanisms of Synaptic Strength in the years 2019 to 2021. Six projects of researchers from ZMNH and the universities in Mainz and Hamburg are funded. Spokesperson is Prof. Dr. Matthias Kneussel DFG - Center for Regenerative Therapies Prof. Dr. Ezio Bonifacio Fetscherstraße 105 | 01307 Dresden 0800 - 724 5148 (kostenfrei) | diabetesstudie.crtd@tu-dresden.de . Deutschlandweit. Interessierte, die nicht aus Bayern, Niedersachsen, Sachsen oder Thüringen kommen, wenden sich bitte ebenfalls an das Studienzentrum in Bayern

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